The new web portal for Faculty of Civil Engineering has been developed by the Group for portal management, proposed by Danijel Rebolj and appointed by the Faculty Senate. A completely new portal has been created. Guidelines for the new portal were simple: minimal, functional, attractive, without redundance, dynamic content. Faculty Senate confirmed 20.3.2013 as the launch day for the portal. 


Project lead: Andrej Tibaut
Concept: Andrej Tibaut, Grega Mlakar
Design: Marko Samec
Development: Grega Mlakar, RCUM (Boštjan Kohne, Jernej Zver), FERI (Albin Bregant)
English translation: Sabina Mulej
​Creative ideas (alphabetical order): Simona Kosi, Borut Macuh, Daša Medved, Martina Pečovnik, Miroslav Premrov, Tatjana Rojs, Barbara Trčko, Damijana Zlatolas, Zdenko Zorič
System support: Vlado Meglič, Ivan Verdonik

Portal content is maintained by web content editors.

ISSN: C507-5653​​