​​​Bachelor’s Architecture Programme

The study of architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering bases on ​​two degree study programme, tailored according to the Bologna declaration. The bachelor’s degree lasts 3 years, the master’s degree 2 years. Both programmes provide the profile of the architect who is able to integrate knowledge (basic and specific) from various theoretical and scientific fields. Students possess knowledge required for architectural design, urban planning, managing and supervising of architectural and urban design projects. The first degree programme comprises basic kno​wledge; the second degree programme offers in-depth study.


After successful presentation of the diploma thesis, the candidate gains the professional title:


Admission Requirements

The following persons may apply:
a) those that passed the upper secondary-school leaving exam (matura),
b) those that completed any four-year secondary school programme and the upper secondary-school leaving exam (matura) in maths or a foreign language
c) those that completed a four-year secondary school programme before 1 June 1995.
Entrance exam: All candidates must pass the "test of talents" which is valid for the current study year.
​Selection criteria

​If only a limited number of students are admitted, the candidates according to the criteria a. and c. are selected as:

- performance by a test of talents  - 60 % points

- general performance in matura examination or secondary school leaving examination - 20 % points

- general performance in the 3rd and 4th year of the secondary school - 20 % points


The candidates according to the criteria b. are selected as:

- performance by a test of talents - 60 % points

- general performance in vocational matura examination - 15 % points

- general performance in the 3rd and 4th year of the secondary school – 5%

- degree in matura subject - 20 % points



​Aims of the program

​Basic aims of the study program of architecture are:
-    To educate with respect to the European guidelines and international comparable programs.
-    To enable the graduate to apply for the 2nd level of university studies in Slovenia and at the institutions in Europe and worldwide.
-    To offer specific knowledge and skills from the fields of architecture, urban and spatial planning, which enables a graduate to enter the 2nd bologna level of university studies of architecture and other related postgraduate programs.

​The 1st level study program of architecture combines the knowledge from different areas of architectural design, urban and spatial planning, as are:
- the skills of architectural design and urban planning including the presentational techniques,
- the related contents from natural science, engineering, humanities, sociology, history, arts,and environmental protection,
- sociological relations in built environment and space in order to understand the profession of an architect and its role in the society,
- proper knowledge on solving structural, technological and engineering problems coupled with processes in building industry and other organizations, including the legislation and regulation in the field,
- comprehensive approach which enables qualification in architectural, urban and spatial planning, in terms of aesthetics and engineering, based on history and theory of architecture.


Qualifications and career oportunities

​Graduates are qualified:
-   to solve certain less demanding problems in architecture and spatial planning based on scientific, research methods and professional procedures,
-   to work on project-technical design of architectural plans,
-   to take on less demanding tasks independently and creatively in architectural planning and within a project team,
-   to design less demanding project-technical architectural and construction details,

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3