Master’s Programme Architecture

The Master study programme Architecture is focused on specialisation in architecture according to selected field (architecture, urban planning, environment protection…). The programme bases on integral connection of knowledge and offers two thematic moduli: Sustainable Building and Sustainable City. After successful defence of a Master thesis, a student is capable of autonomous architectural and urban planning.

Master study programme Architecture offers a new concept with contents from the fields of:
  • Design (architectural typology, sustainable architecture, contemporary residential building, urban planning, methods and concepts of town planning, reorganization of urban space)
  • Natural sciences and engineering (building physics, modern materials, object renovation)
  • Humanism (development of architecture and urban form, architectural critics)

Career opportunities
Architecture belongs to one of the most regulated professions in Europe which demands five-year educational process offering a fundamental condition to gain an architecture licence. Accomplished Master’s degree of Architecture enables:
  • Obtaining architect licence and registration in directory of licenced architects (after two years of proper work experience)
  • Architect licence provides a status of responsible architectural designer which is a perquisite for his or her own architectural company.

Year 1
Year 2 – Module Sustainable Building
Year 2 – Module Sustainable City
Department of Architecture