​​Professional Study Programme Civil Engineering (1st Degree Bologna Study Programme)

Graduates of this undergraduate study programme are experts with a wide range of theoretical knowledge and special knowledge in construction. They possess experiences to take on duties in design of project documentation and project realization. Acquired knowledge is comparable with knowledge in undergraduate programmes of related institutions in Europe.
This programme provides basic theoretical and specific knowledge as well as project work. The graduates are able to take on duties in construction team work. During the study, the graduates work at projects and in companies in order to cope with practical problems and their solutions. They are able to solve practical problems in construction creatively and innovative.
Graduates are able to take on duties in:
  • Work preparation and organization
  • Object design
  • Object building
  • Supervision of object building
  • Safety at work according to regulations for environment safety
  • Production of building materials and elements
  • Administration in the field of civil engineering
Experienced graduates can take on duties as site managers, project engineers and designers, experts in local and state administration, and other responsibilities in construction. The level of acquired knowledge matches the requirements of Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, which must be met in order to be admitted to the professional examination.
Graduates can also take further studies at the second degree without additional obligations.

Admission Requirements
The following persons may apply:
  • those that passed upper secondary-school leaving exam (matura)
  • those that completed any four-year secondary school programme.