​​Bachelor’s Programme Industrial Engineering

Graduates of the bachelor’s programme Industrial engineering, track Civil Engineering, are experts with comprehensive knowledge able to respond to challenges of modern business environments characterized by the phenomenon of advanced technologies, research work, remarkable advances in information and communication technologies, new business models and globalisation. European enterprises lack experts who would be able to apply their technological expertise to practice and seize business opportunities.
Graduates of this programme are considered experts with technological know-how and economic knowledge required for planning and managing business and construction processes. They possess an in-depth understanding of production management, development processes, project management, marketing and sale, engineering as well as other matters requiring technological know-how, organizational skills and IT knowledge. The interdisciplinary nature of this programme does not reduce graduates’ technical competences. The level of acquired knowledge matches the requirements of Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, which must be met in order to be admitted to the professional examination.
The master’s programme Industrial engineering builds upon the bachelor’s programme which provides students with various specific competences boosting employment prospects in construction companies, engineering firms and other enterprises. Graduates also acquire broad theoretical knowledge to pursue careers economic and non-economic sectors.
Graduates are able to:
  • take on managerial responsibilities in construction companies, engineering firms and consulting firms,
  • take on managerial responsibilities in technical and commercial sectors of construction companies,
  • plan and manage construction projects in engineering firms, administration, etc.,
  • manage various research projects,
  • occupy managerial positions perform various duties related to administration, organization, control and maintenance,
  • conduct project work and manage building sites,
  • oversee construction and assume responsibility for quality control and assurance.

Admission Requirements
The following persons may apply:
  • those that passed upper secondary-school leaving exam (matura)
  • those that completed any four-year secondary school programme and the upper secondary-school leaving exam (matura) in maths or a foreign language

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3