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BFPT Summer School

BFPT Summer School

BFPT Summer School

Embrace the Future of Inclusive Cross-border Mobility

Explore. Experience. Excel.

Join us this summer in an intense summer school program dedicated to fostering barrier-free, accessible, and inclusive cross-border public transport in Europe.


Our Goal: Seamless Mobility for Everyone, Everywhere

In a time where Europe is getting more connected, having smooth and easy-to-use public transport should be a norm, not luxury. The development of an integrated and accessible transportation system for all citizens regardless of their disability or mobility challenges is crucial to ensure regionally balanced development and growth. Access to seamless mobility is of utmost importance for social inclusion and quality of life of marginalized groups, especially persons with disabilities.

The Summer School addresses a topic that touches the lives of everyone, either directly or indirectly. Approximately 15% of the global population lives with a disability, yet the need for accessibility extends far beyond that. Many individuals require accessible environments in various scenarios, such as managing heavy luggage, using mobility aids like wheeled walkers, travelling with children, or coping with temporary impairments like a broken leg or impaired vision. In an ageing society, the reality of experiencing some form of disability becomes increasingly relevant for all.

The BFPT Summer School provides a dynamic platform for students to engage in this subject, to better understand issues faced by passengers with impairments and to redesign mobility services for seamless travel for all. Your involvement could influence the way we think about mobility in urban spaces, making it more inclusive and accessible.

The program offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from Europe’s pioneering initiatives, where accessible transport solutions have been successfully integrated, catering to the needs of the elderly and disabled. Based on demonstrated best practice models, the focus at hand will be on how to support and assist disabled with public transport system.

Join us at the BFPT Summer School, where you’ll be exploring and designing mobility services, infrastructure and information accessible to various groups of passengers with different requirements. Think beyond getting from point A to B, but about creating inclusive, accessible pathways for the entire community.

Who Should Attend?

Our Summer School transcends age and experience levels. Whether you are an undergraduate, a master’s degree holder, or deeply engaged in doctoral research, what truly matters is your interest and willingness to engage with this significant topic. We value a mindset geared towards in-depth academic discussion, reflection, and an eagerness to contribute innovative solutions for betterment.

Most importantly, our Summer School is an inclusive and barrier-free environment, welcoming participants regardless of their own disabilities. We are committed to ensuring that all attendees’ needs are met, making this an accessible and enriching experience for everyone involved.


  1. Discover the World of Seamless Travel: understand how public transport can be smooth and easy for everyone, especially in Europe, where countries are closely connected.
  2. Understand Barrier-Free Transport: explore the complexities of what makes public transport truly accessible, from infrastructure to information systems.
  3. Inclusive Design: understand design principles that cater to a diverse range of needs, including those of people with disabilities.
  4. Cross-Border Collaboration: Learn about the importance of cross-border coordination in public transport and how it contributes to European integration.
  5. Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical sessions, including hands-on experiences and interactions with experts and individuals with disabilities.
  6. Try Out Real-World mobility services: Experiment with actual transport methods that have worked for disabled in different parts of Europe.
  7. Team Up to Tackle Challenges: Work with new friends and use your brainpower to figure out the best solutions for making transport work for everyone.

Join Us in Rethinking Mobility for an Inclusive Europe!


  • Dynamic Learning Sessions: take part in interactive sessions that bring your knowledge into the real world, tackling the real challenges of creating accessible transport.
  • Community Building: Meet and connect with like-minded students and industry experts who are just as passionate about making transportation accessible for everyone. Build a community that supports and inspires your future projects.
  • Exploratory Field Trips: Get out in the field to see and analyse how current public transport systems (in)accessible to all.
  • Hands-On Project Experience: Throughout the program, you will be developing a unique solution applying everything you learn to create your own vision of a barrier-free public transport system.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain first hand experience on accessible public transportation and learn how your creative solutions can drive significant improvements, enhancing the mobility experience for disabled travelers. Make a real impact by contributing to more engaging and inclusive journeys for everyone.

Register now!

The UM Open Science Summer School is entitled to award 3 ECTS points for participation.

ECTS points will be awarded to participants compliant with the following requirements:

  • Attendance in the virtual pre-event (will be announced by e-mail). Alternatively, participants will be able to access the recorded session.
  • Pre-reading of suggested materials.
  • Active participation in all lectures.

The lectures will be given in English.

Registration deadline: 15 March 2024

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